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Why you Need a Coach

Providing lifetime solutions for your business success.

Because I know how important it is to you, that your business succeeds.

2020 has shown that you must have a resilient business foundation that you can pivot in a short period of time to survive and flourish in a quickly changing, volatile environment.

What if the secret to creating a flourishing,resilient business was possible in just 6 Steps?

And when you apply these steps you have a business that provides you with more time, a great team, greater profit and the ability to choose how you fill your life. No matter the business type or industry your involved in?.

Take a moment to think about where you are in your business right now…

  1. Have you changed anything in the day to day running of your business in the last year? and have you measured how successful those changes have been?

  2. Are you making your turnover targets every month?

  3. Are you coping with the workload?, working only 40 hours per week or less?.

  4. Do you know the break-even number for your business? Is it cashflow positive. Do you track your daily,weekly and monthly numbers?.

  5. Have you communicated your values to your team and are you hiring employees with the same values as you?.

  6. Could you take a holiday, step completely away from you business for a month and know that when you return, your business had operated just as well without you?.

Most importantly do you take ANY TIME in your day, for yourself, to sit, and plan and document where your business is going next month, next year, in 10 years time?.

If you would like to be able to answer YES to any of these questions, book a free call with me to discover where you begin.

Who is Leah

Leah Baldwin – Principle Coach

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone look at the bigger picture? AND be there to guide you through the process; being a constant pillar of support? Working with you to develop new ideas and recommendations and supporting you to implement the changes you desire in your business and your life.

To BOSS UP is to Step Up, Raise Your Game. Take ownership for the direction of your life and the full maturity of your dreams….

To BOSS UP is to Step Up, Raise Your Game.

Take ownership for the direction of your life and the full maturity of your dreams….

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