About Leah

I believe in making small business better – More profitable, sustainable ,authentic and fun....


To BOSS UP – is to Step Up, raise your game, take responsibility for the direction of your life and the full maturity of your dreams….

Why Work With ME?

Because I am YOUI Get IT…at some point I’ve likely been exactly where you are now.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide I wanted to give up my day job and create a coaching business.

This has been a lifetime journey, catapulted by some major life- changing events.

Many of the business opportunities and life events that have molded me will be your stories too.

I don’t come from a highly academic, corporate background – I’ve climbed my way up the ladder, earned my stripes in 25 years of business ownership, taken advantage of my entrepreneurial brain and invested vastly in self – development, and education.

For me, coaching fellow business owners is not a “job” it’s a vocation that I have embraced, because being in business is tough. I know what it’s going to take for you to gain respect in your industry, build a thriving business and take the next step towards financial freedom.

Strategic thinking and technical expertise are not the only areas that need to be bought to your table, businesses need to expand  in areas such as self-development, resilience, integrity, inclusion, relationship-building, and community if they wish to thrive.

I’m not “selling” a magic solution or claiming to be your salvation. That’s not my style.

I am offering you an opportunity to step up, raise your game and take ownership of the direction of your life.


Change is inevitable and our world is changing at such a rapid pace its hard to keep up. To succeed we must run toward change, seek and embrace the opportunities. Yes, that means leaving our comfort zone and the good news is you don’t have to do any of it on your own.


• I provide an outsider’s view…someone who can see the forest for the trees, who is not blinded by the industry and too many years in your business.


• I work with you on all areas that impact your success…from Time, Team, Money, Sales & Marketing, Planning,Systems ,Leadership and Personal Growth , focusing on YOU and the life you wish to create in and away from your business.

Because small businesses typically have opportunities in all areas, focusing on ONLY ONE can do more harm if a strong foundation is not in place.


My 6-step approach ensures the foundation is strong so growth is profitable and sustainable.


• I provide you with focus and prioritization…clearly defined goals, strategies, tactics (and tools) …so time is spent on what is truly important to your success.


• I hold you accountable to your success…I will demand a profit, demand results, push you, cajole you and hopefully congratulate you on a job well done.




Leah Baldwin